Paskal Daze (Dj Producer)

From his earliest age, Paskal Daze dreamed of becoming a DJ but hesitated to make the jump into that world. It’s his friend Stephan Vesselinov who finally introduced the neophyte to his unhinged universe and to the basics of his craft. Determined to reach the high level set by Stephan, Paskal listens, plays and mixes night and day non-stop…and with his indisputable talent, achieved his goal ! The two DJs combined their musical ear to officially form the duo Paskal&Vesselinov, which brought them to perform in major events such as Bal en Blanc 2012. To have the opportunity to spin in front of 15,000 people alongside the biggest names in the business, namely Steve Angello and Danny Tenaglia, is a privilege only given to true musical genius !
Paskal is now flying solo under the label Bad Pony Records ; a company in which he’s actively involved. He recently launched the song What Happened To Change (with remixes from D-Formation and Tone Depht) and was particularly well received by the public. It seems that the unusual beats of Paskal Daze are on a roll ! The prolific DJ is a resident at Circus After Hours and he performs regularly at Senso Supperclub in Orlando and in underground clubs in Montréal, such as the U.N. and Salon Daomé. Recently drafted by the UNISON Mexico booking agency, he brought his tribal and techhouse sound to the insatiable crowds of the BPM Festival and the 2012 Primavera Festival. Considering the craze to his performances and eccentric creations, there’s no doubt that Paskal Daze will soon take over countless playlists.
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