Barcelona based DJ and producer ; Javier Medina has travelled the world with his elegant mixing style and household brand of Tech House.
To be honest, he had it coming. Born in the ‘80s son to a pioneer DJ and radio broadcaster, young Javier grew up surrounded by vinyl records and cassette tapes. By the age of 16, he was already working as a professional DJ and knew all about the art of seamless sessions and frenzied dance floors.
During the ‘90s and early ‘00s his passion for music led him to explore the vast possibilities that electronic music had to offer. Soon enough, the booming New York scene caught his attention and he started working along the master lines of the great names of East Coast House.
Leaving aside a promising career in graphic design, Medina embraces his calling in 2007, playing steadily in Barcelona and Paris, where he is best loved for his after hours sets at Under. The very next year, Javier is called upon by Circuit Festival organization and finds out that playing for a crowd of 5,000 isn’t that bad after all.
From then on, Javier Medina’s trajectory has been a constant ascendant into the heights of electronic music. Whether he’s behind the decks at Amnesia Ibiza, Guvernment Toronto, Pacha New York, or Cavo Paradiso Mykonos, Javier Medina never fails to delivered the perfect set.
Promoters around the world have sought him as a first class DJ guaranteed to engage with the most selective crowds and give everyone a taste of what electronic music is supposed to feel like. London, Montreal, Berlin, Sydney, México DF, Madrid, Tel Aviv, Singapore, Sao Paulo, Moscow... Medina has made a point of leaving no stone unturned in his mission to spread his love for music.
In between sessions, Javier still finds the time to exploit his talent as a producer and pursue his latest production project. Driven by his relentless craving for new sounds, Medina partnered up with local talent Jorge Soust in early 2012. As a result, Classroom Records was born and has been turning heads in the international underground scene since day one.
Nevertheless, Javier Medina sets his goal in continuing to perform for live audiences. His unique sensibility and craft allows him to engage with any kind of crowd, immersing his audience in an evolving torrent of powerful beats. Every now and then it’s good to be reminded that it’s all about the music.
He played 3 times for Beardrop.
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