Born and raised in Cuba, Alberto Pérez (AKA DJ Alberto) has always been in love with music. But it was not until he moved to Canada, when he discovered house music and the international club scene, that this passion turned into a successful DJ career.
As one of the newest emerging faces in Montreal’s prolific DJ scene, Alberto has quickly become one to watch for. With his friendly personality, professionalism, eclectic musical taste and attention to details behind the decks ; he has won the respect and love of fans in a very short period.
Well known for carefully choosing the clubs and events he wants his name to be associated with. He has brought his unique style to some of Montreal’s greatest clubs including Parking, Sky Pub, Circus Afterhours, Red Lite, Apollon and Russian Nightclub. And to other cities as well, like the legendary FLY Nightclub in Toronto and Babylon Club in Ottawa. He has also played for some of the most popular parties in town including Hola OLA, BlackKKnight, PIG, Divers/Cité’s Cargo, Montreal’s Pride PLATINUM and Mega-T-Dance ; as well as MACHO
(a party created and produced by himself).
DJ Alberto’s music beautifully mixes the classic with the new, the underground with the popular. Adding a touch of funk and his native Latin flavor, he aims to tell you a story with each set he plays.
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